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When an adult is no longer able to make sound personal and financial decisions, family members may choose to establish a guardianship to ensure the vulnerable party is legally protected.  Rotolo, Bozanian, & Yi LLC offers premier legal assistance to families seeking to preserve the assets of an incapacitated loved one. Our trusted and experienced attorneys can help guide you through the complex appointment process and provide compassionate counsel throughout the guardianship. 

At our Palisades Park firm, we advocate on behalf of clients on either side of the guardianship equation. For those seeking to be appointed as a guardian, we can help facilitate and guide you through the process. Likewise, we can protect individuals against improper guardianship actions taken by family members, government agencies, or other interested parties. To learn more about guardianship advocacy at Rotolo, Bozanian, & Yi LLC, contact us today at (201) 947-1500. 

Protect Your Loved Ones, Establish a Guardianship

The primary goal of a guardianship is to provide protections for an individual who is incapacitated and to preserve the assets of an incapacitated loved one. Guardians have legal obligations to the incapacitated person that include fiduciary duties.  Many of these obligations are complex and have very particular formal requirements which are easily missed or misunderstood. Our trusted guardianship lawyers will provide you with peace of mind that you are in compliance with the guardianship laws and that you avoid making errors that could cause you to breach your fiduciary duties. Furthermore, in the event you are accused of violating the law or breaching your fiduciary obligations, our attorneys at Rotolo, Bozanian & Yi, LLC can provide a comprehensive, aggressive defense aimed at protecting your guardianship. 

Protect Your Loved Ones, Against Guardianship and Fiduciary Abuse or Neglect

When someone else has been appointed to serve in the capacity of  guardian on behalf of an incapacitated person, as attorney-in-fact pursuant to a power of attorney, as Executor of a Will, or as trustee of a trust, that person is vested with certain fiduciary powers and responsibilities.  While those powers and responsibilities can be very broad, they also carry very specific obligations, such as taking specific steps to safeguard assets, as well as generating and providing certain financial reports to the Court and other interested parties.  These obligations are generally intended to prevent abuse or neglect by the individual who has been appointed to a position of authority on behalf of an incapacitated person. There unfortunately may come a time that you question the true motives and intentions of someone appointed to a position of trust and authority and that’s when you need an honest, aggressive, and capable attorney to step in.  The experienced Estate and Guardianship lawyers at Rotolo, Bozanian & YI LLC know precisely what measures to take in the most cost-effective manner to get to the bottom of any questions you may have regarding the actions of a fiduciary who you fear has gone rogue. 

What is Estate Litigation?

Often, unforeseen difficulties and complications arise during the probate process that are beyond your control. From contested wills to allegations of fiduciary abuse, multifarious issues may require the assistance of a legal professional. At Rotolo, Bozanian, & Yi, our team of trusted attorneys have extensive experience handling estate litigation matters on behalf of executors, trustees and guardians. 

With Us, You're in Good Hands

Our Palisades Park firm can offer representation in a wide range of estate litigation areas, including: 

  • Contesting the validity of a will
  • Mismanagement of funds
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Judicial modification of trusts
  • Removal of trustees
  • Contested heirship

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